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LGV will satisfy your needs by assisting your company in profit creation. To help you to project success, we will work with you to develop a plan that evaluates all costs and risks involved, and minimise them to your best advantage.

There are four stages involved in achieving your project's success: prospecting, preparing, procuring and processing.




We will strategically analyse projects potentially suited to your company. This will allow us to provide all the relevant facts and vital direction needed by your company's decision-makers. Prospecting involves the following processes:

Ascertaining the type and magnitude of projects;

Determining the level of competition and knowledge of competitors;

Win-win analysis; and

Researching potential strategic alliances.




Successful preparation for a project requires an in-depth knowledge of the local environment, culture and habits. Good and longstanding relationships with project owners, companies, suppliers and local authorities will also increase your chances of success. Anticipate the final result and use all available information to formulate the best strategy: this is our company rule. Some of the measures taken during the preparation phase are:

Defining the project;

Selecting and defining your strategic alliances, where necessary;

Data collection;

Performing technical and financial studies of the project; and

Providing alternative strategies.




Procurement means winning the project - and this is the most critical phase of the entire project. Most projects are won following careful negotiations with the project owners. Successful negotiations will not only prove profitable, but they will pave the way for a smooth project start-up, thus saving costs and time. During the procurement stage:

Negotiations will be held with the project owner; and

Comprehensive assistance will be given to your company to ensure results are maximised.




Processing the project is the final important factor involved in achieving success. Time is of the essence, so we will provide you with prompt, all-round assistance. Constant support will be provided during the course of project implementation, including:

Active assistance during the project's start-up and mobilisation;

Processing all necessary legal documents, both for your company and staff;

Assistance during the importation of goods and equipment;

Selection and finalisation of agreements with local subcontractors;

Legal assistance in settlements with the project owner; and

Assistance in obtaining local permits from relevant local authorities.