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ORION ITALIA: The Reliable Power Protection for Industrial Systems and Utilities

Modern industrial systems are based on increasing massive production volumes that necessitate high levels of energy consumption. This leads energy costs to get more and more expensive and power quality weaker. Therefore, power distribution protection, quality energy management and regular retrofit planning are three of the most important aspects to be considered when defining the power grid of a factory or facility.

Statistical researches demonstrate that the interruption of an industrial process causes costs related to:
- loss of productivity
- labour costs for maintenance and technical support
- damaged products
- reduced product quality
- delays in deliveries

This can simply be avoided with a correct use of power distribution protection relays.

Therefore for all engineering companies, contractors and technical electrical designers, Orion Italia provides solutions and systems to keep energy running economically, improving the reliability of a power grid or raising productivity in a factory.

The microprocessor based technology is able to maximize the integration of advanced protection functions, control and monitoring, metering and communication into a single device.

Different families of relays have been specifically designed to provide primary and backup protection either of distribution feeders, gen-sets or industrial systems. Therefore, the fields of applications for Orion's protection relays are multiple, from healthcare, government, airports and sports facilities to all industrial sectors, including consumer, food and beverage, automotive, chemical, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical and metals industries (foundries and steel mills).

Orion Italia provides solutions also for electrical utilities in the form of protection for urban electrical and street lighting distribution, for water/wastewater and pumping system plants, for railway tunnels and underground terminals.


Active on the international market since 1987, Orion Italia is a leading specialist designer and manufacturer of digital protection relays for power utilities and industrial systems.

From its headquarters based in Italy and thanks to its worldwide connections and partners, Orion Italia's relays deliver quality and reliable power to electrical utilities and industrial facilities in all continents, as the excellence choice for OEMs, contractors, engineering companies and facility managers who want to improve the reliability of a power grid or industrial electrification or automation system.

As ISO 9001:2000 certified company, Orion Italia is committed to excellent quality management and thanks to its engineering and technical support department, it is able to assist and offer to its customers the necessary solution with an optimized quality vs. price ratio.


Some of the main references include:
- Olympic Games Athens 2004
- Winter Olympic Games Turin 2006
- Underground of Caracas (Venezuela)
- PDVSA Petroleum refineries and oil transportation (Venezuela)
- Central World Plaza Bangkok (Thailand)
- Milan urban light distribution network (Italy)
- Montego Bay Airport (Jamaica)
- Aeroport de Lion Saint-Exupery (France)

And several other supplies for commercial and industrial facilities in Central and South-East Asia, Australia, Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and the Northern Sea region, Middle East, South America.