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Welcome to LGV Engineering

As the global business world races to capitalise on new and emerging market opportunities, companies often need to expand internationally. Burgeoning markets in mainland South-East Asia offer immense opportunities for many kinds of products and services. But research has highlighted a daunting variety of tasks awaiting anyone faced with setting-up overseas.

Who We Are

LGV is a business development company offering a complete range of business development and consulting services for companies who wish to expand their reach into mainland South-East Asia. Combining the dynamism of a young company with the wisdom of seasoned experts, LGV offers the advantages of a premier in-house business development team, streamlined to eliminate overhead and management burdens. We specialize in - but are not limited to - projects related to the engineering industry:

Mission Statement

Our underlying principle is to help clients succeed in mainland South-East Asia by applying their own successful business ideas in an Asian context.


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