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Using our established network of experienced experts we can provide you with the skills, resources, and contacts to facilitate all aspects of your mainland South-East Asian ventures and -- most importantly -- at an affordable price. We offer a cost-effective way to establish your business here. With our understanding and knowledge of Asian markets, you can navigate through the intricacies of the marketplace to achieve your expansion goals.

LGV solutions: tailored to suit your needs

First, LGV will take time to really get to know your business, to understand the needs and standards of your company, and to comprehend your particular business objectives. We will first work to thoroughly understand your policy of business development. Our broad experience means we'll know what your budget requirements mean in a practical sense. Next, we will draw on our knowledge of what's happening in Asia to identify partnerships that match the strategy of your company. We will give you a professional, independent assessment of whether a project is likely to advance your overall business strategy. If it does, we'll use our substantial pool of resources to help you win the project. We'll assist you in executing the project too, via our vast array of contacts and experience.

We suggest you call us in as soon as you consider undertaking any business in South-East Asia. We can help guide both your strategic thinking and the detailed planning. See a detailed breakdown of our working methodology.

LGV At Work

LGV new service | Technical Development Program (TDP)
Contractors can now - affordably rely - on our Technician Development Program courses (TDP). For more information, please click here.

Orion Italia
LGV has recently partnered with Orion Italia, and is acting as Orion Italia's representative in Thailand. For more information on Orion Italia, please click here.

TMCI  |  http://www.tmcigroup.com/
LGV are acting agents in mainland Asia for the TMCI Group, world-renowned providers of indispensable equipment to the food and drinks industry. TMCI Group is a worldwide market leader across various sectors, providing a total service to the following industries:

Wine, beer, soft drinks, edible oils and fats, bakery products, chocolate and confectionary, gelatine, fruit juice processing and vegetable processing.

TMCI specialise in:

Designing specialist equipment

Studying, selecting and optimising technology, tailored to meet specific consumer needs

Equipment assembly and start-up

Staff training

The TMCI Group comprises the following companies: